KIEV. June 27. UNN. Deputies of Cherkasy regional Council supported the demands of protesters and voted for the dismissal of the head of the local Gosgeokadastra Olga Collateral, the correspondent of UNN.

Voted Pro 50 deputies. In the corresponding address refers to the need for verification in the office.

In comments UNN head of the Cherkassy regional Council Aleksandr Velbivets said that the conflict of people with local Gosgeokadastr lasts a long time. And in March the Cherkasy deputies asked the Prime Minister Groysman and the head of gosgeokadastr of Ukraine to resolve staffing issues and to replace the Collateral to another person.

“Considering the formal responses of the government authorities, without addressing the situation in fact, I made the offer again to refer to them, but with more strict requirements, namely to make a personnel decision of the head of the local Gosgeokadastra.

The question of the earth shakes not only Kherson region, but here it is particularly acute. I hope they (the Cabinet and the Gosgeokadastr of Ukraine — ed.) will hear, someone must objectively respond to the demands of the people,” he said.

We recall that a week under the walls of the Cherkasy regional state administration is the tent camp of ATO veterans and farmers, angered by the actions of local Gosgeokadastra. They argue that when the user Deposits the Gosgeokadastr turned into a “hotbed of corruption” and demand her immediate release from office.