Today there is no need personally or with the assistance of staff phoning potential customers, advertising their services. For a small bribe these can handle numerous call centers, where the widely used digital technology as to reach the maximum audience, and to automate processes. Only in the USA officially employs 3 billion robots obzvoniv – using spoofing, they’ll get to their calls of anyone, and no black lists of phone numbers will not help.

This problem is really international, so the appearance of “lenny”, referred to as “the most effective Troll phone spammers”, was enthusiastically received. It’s a chatbot, created specifically for the barren and exhausting dialogue with scammers, living or digital. Lennie shows an old, scattered person who forgets and repeats the questions – this approach made it possible to pile up the neural network, and to do a simple algorithm.

Vocabulary lenny mocking scarce, only 16 phrases, 4 to 12 welcome and to support conversation, but they are recorded live, with all its emotional shades. The chatbot uses speech recognition to a 1.5-2 second phrase of the interlocutor to understand the direction of the conversation and choose one of the phrases in the answer. He may interrupt to ask again, pretending deaf, etc. – no use talking to lenny you can’t eject, the only question is how much time wasting spammer.

On average people need two minutes to recognize the catch — but, they say, the record of such conversation is more than an hour! To hear lenny in the can, if you contact the author or just call at (347) 514-7296 in the United States. And you can ask for a copy, but there are some restrictions, so it is better to clarify the details the author chatbot.

Source — Motherboard