May 6 on the website of the “First channel” there was a story about “another outbreak” of coronavirus in Belarus. Journalists of the Federal channel claimed that Easter
services and Saturday provoked a sharp rise in the incidence of the virus. Moreover,
shots were taken on the background of fresh graves in a cemetery in the city Columns (75 km
from Minsk). The reporter wrongly suggested that among the dead could
to be a victim COVID-19.

“The date of death is approximately the same. This is the end of April, when in Belarus
for the first time spoke about the unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus in Columns”, —
emphasized in the report of the Russian TV channel.

The report also accused President Alexander Lukashenko, who “particularly
not steamed” due to the threat of infection and disease in humans.

The Belarusian foreign Ministry said that the information in the report “channel” “does not match
of reality”, and not only forbidden to work, but also expelled the journalist from
of the country.

“First channel”, familiar to Ukrainians on the fakes about the crucified boy in Slavyansk
and the blood of infants in Ukraine, stated that it “considers the actions of the Belarusian authorities
absolutely baseless”.

As previously reported, Alexander Lukashenko over the last couple of months
at least the spirit of the times appealed to the Russian mass media with a request not to escalate the situation and
do not report fake news. So, the day before he advised Moscow to do their
domestic issues and criticizing the United States.

Prior to that, he really said that Belarus need to do
economy, and not to discuss quarantine measures. April 25, the country held
Saturday. Also, the Belarusian authorities decided to cancel the may 9 Victory day Parade.