Gennady Trukhanov

Solomensky regional court of Kiev sent under night house arrest of two officials of the city Council of Odessa, suspected of embezzlement in the so-called factory of the region, which also featured the Odessa mayor Gennady Trukhanov. The corresponding decision the judge issued yesterday, February 20, reported in a press-service of the court.

We are talking about the head of the Commission of the Council on questions of municipal ownership and Basil Skrabe the Director of the city Department of communal property Alexey Spektor.

The chosen measure of restraint prohibits the suspect to leave the residence from 21:00 to 06:00. Night house arrest Skraba and Spector is valid for two months.

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14 Feb 2018 Trukhanov and his Deputy, Paul Vogelman detained at Boryspil airport and transferred to NAB. Both appear in criminal proceedings on misappropriation and embezzlement of property.

15 Feb Solomensky regional court of Kiev dismissed the mayor and his Deputy on bail of people’s deputies. SAP has appealed the decision to the appellate court.

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