By Paul Manafort (photo – Getty Images)

Against ex-spin doctor and head of the election headquarters of Donald trump American Paul Manafort and his assistant Richard gates, filed new charges in the case of RF interference in the elections, which began spectacular USA Robert Mueller. About it reports Reuters, citing a document the district court of the district of Columbia.

“The inclusion of this document in the material of the office of the court, which is regularly updated with new criminal charges, suggests that the Muller may have filed the indictment, which will replace the previous period document” – suggest at the Agency.

According to the report, one-page document does not disclose the nature of the new charges in the case.

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In the United States of Manafort accused on 12 counts, including: conspiracy against the United States (probably talking about relations with the Russians during the American elections); working as a foreign agent without being registered; money laundering (transfers to foreign accounts, including in Cyprus and the Seychelles), evasion from payment of taxes.

On 4 December it became known that spectracolor USA Robert Mueller, who is investigating the alleged intervention of Russia in the U.S. presidential election in 2016, accused Manafort that he, along with his Russian counterpart worked on the publication of an article about its activities in Ukraine in order to influence public opinion. The materials of the Associated Press was told that co-author could be associated with the exploration of the aggressor country, the Russian Federation, and the article was supposed to go under a false name.

December 7, Ukrainian newspaper KyivPost, despite the warnings of the Prosecutor, published an article “by Paul Manafort – the unknown soldiers of the Ukrainian European integration”, whose author was a former foreign Ministry spokesman of Ukraine Oleg Voloshin.

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