Brazil is becoming the new epicentre of the pandemic coronavirus

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The worst situation is observed in Brazil, accounting for half of all cases and deaths in Latin America

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Brazil became the third country in the world after the USA and Russia on the number of people infected with coronavirus. According to the Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations on the basis of information Federal and local authorities in Brazil to may 20 recorded nearly 272 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, died 17983 people.

20 may for the first time the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the country has exceeded 1 thousand persons. According to Ministry of health of Brazil, in the last 24 hours were registered, 1179 deaths.

But according to experts, the real number of infections and deaths in Brazil may exceed the official data about 15 times, as the scale of testing in this most populous country in Latin America is small.

The epicenter of the infection in the country – the state of são Paulo, where only according to official figures recorded almost 66 million cases. Next comes the state of Ceara, which infected 28 thousand people, followed by Rio de Janeiro (27.8 thousand infections). Brazil is the leader among Latin American countries number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus and related deaths.

As stated by the head of the Brazilian division of the organization “Doctors without borders” Ana de Lemos, Latin America will become the next source of a pandemic coronavirus. The number of cases of coronavirus grew up there in a month eight times, and the number of deaths – nine times. Latin America should be preparing a “viral Apocalypse”, said the German publication Der Spiegel.

The worst situation is observed in Brazil, accounting for half of all cases and deaths in Latin America. But Rio de Janeiro is in danger of becoming in the number of deaths in the “Brazilian new York”. The number of victims may soon be closer to 100 thousand. The virus is particularly strong raging among the native population, who lived mostly in the Amazon. In the Brazilian city of Manaus the number of deaths was tripled.

But equally dangerous is the situation in Peru (99,5 thousand infected COVID-19 and 2914 deaths). This is despite the fact that unlike Brazil, the authorities promptly imposed strict quarantine in the region. In the capital of Peru Lima is now dying twice as many people than usual. In some regions of the country every hour, one person dies.

In third place is Mexico, where 54.4 per thousand of the sick and the dead 5666. On the fourth and fifth areas of Chile, where 46.6 thousand patients with coronavirus and 509 died, and Ecuador (34.2 thousand and 2839, respectively), where the dead have long been buried in mass graves. In Guayaquil, Ecuador, died at least five times more people than in the same periods of the past.

Experts warn that we should not expect that the authorities of these countries will soon be able to cope with the pandemic. Unlike European States, the South American continent has little to counter the current crisis, which aggravated even more due to significant reductions in personnel and funding in the health care system against the background of economic stagnation in recent years.

Due to the fact that the focus of pandemic now beneath the side of the United States, the American President Donald trump announced that he intends to introduce a ban on entry into the country from Brazil. “I don’t want to come here and infect our citizens. I don’t want to come here sick,” said trump.