Brand Koktebel told the secrets of making the TOP 3 low-calorie cocktails

KIEV. June 2. UNN. Ukrainian brand of cognac KOKTEBEL shared recipes low-calorie cocktails, reports UNN with reference to the page of an alcoholic beverage at Facebook.

“Blueberry lemon breeze” (205 kcal)

To prepare the cocktail you will need the following ingredients:

– blueberries (10 PCs.)

– agave nectar (20 ml.),

– gin (45 ml.),

– lemon juice (20 ml.),

– champagne KOKTEBEL (30 ml.).

First you need to grind a wooden spoon blueberries with agave syrup.

To the resulting mixture add the lemon juice and shake the drink for 20 seconds.

“Strain the contents into a glass and add champagne. And decorate the cocktail with blueberries on a skewer”, – told in Koktebel.

“Mimosa light” (120 kcal)


– champagne KOKTEBEL (20 ml.),

– orange juice (60 ml.).

The recipe of the cocktail:

– put some crushed ice in a tall glass;
– add fresh orange juice and champagne;
– stir the drink and enjoy.

“Sparkling Apple cider” (135 kcal)


– cider (50 ml.),



The recipe of the cocktail:

– fill the glass with ice cubes;

– add the cider and sangria from KOKTEBEL;

– decorate the cocktail with an Apple on a skewer.

As written by the UNN, recently Koktebel introduced a new line of summer drinks, alcoholic beverages, among which Fragolino, Spritz and Sangria.