Boxer Adonis Stevenson knocked out Alexander Stud, came out of a comaPhoto:

41-year-old boxer can remain disabled

18.12.18 68000

Canadian boxer Adonis Stevenson came out of the coma, opened his eyes and was able to communicate with family. But the athlete can remain disabled. From-for strong blow to the head he suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of the body. It is reported Аllboxing.

The General condition of the athlete is stable.

Championship fight took place in Quebec on the night of 2 Dec. Ukrainian sent his opponent in a deep knockout in the 11th round.

41-year-old Adonis recovered and even was able to go into the locker room, where he suddenly became worse. He was taken to the intensive care unit. Because of possible bleeding in the brain, he was put into an artificial coma.

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41-year-old Stephenson failed for the 10th time to defend the world champion title, owned since 2013. He suffered the first defeat in eight years. The assets of the canadian 29 wins (24 by knockout), two defeats and one draw.

We will remind, Alexander Carnations for the first time fought for the title of world champion. On account of his 16 wins (13 by knockout). Ukrainian is the bronze medalist of the Olympic games 2012 in London in weight category to 81 kg.