In the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine sit “mood@Ki” that don’t work to improve life in their country and are absolutely not those things.

So says former MP Borislav Birch: his opinion he shared on the page in “Facebook”.

According to the former Deputy, this behavior of current members of Parliament testifies to the universal diagnosis for the Ukrainian parliamentarism. Birch believes that many MPs did not like the fruits of their work, so these people allow themselves to enjoy prostitutes and expensive cars during the session, and also serves bills favorable to their political sponsors, but not the country.

As a confirmation of Birch leads two projects of the law, served “Servants” and the people’s Deputy from “opsi” Royal. In the first question about the growth of prices for the registration fee to fill the local budgets, while the second concerned the question of forgiveness of debts for utility services without exception to the debtors.

“In “monospace” figured out how to get into the pocket to the Ukrainians. They want to fill the local budgets, which receives state tax. After such initiatives are waiting for the tax on the air, the appearance of which is very logical,” – said Bereza initiative “servants”.

Speaking about the bill, the Royal, the politician said: “Given that the budget hole, and on the nose loomed the next local elections and the extraordinary parliamentary, the heirs of the “Party of regions” has decided to play in unbridled populism. They were asked simply to forgive the debtor all debts on a communal flat. Just forgive, because it’s not their money, so it is possible. Question: why did everyone else have to pay for communal, if a debt write off? Royal, which has a “dream”, but does not have a conscience, understands that such a bill is the perfect weapon in the fight for the sympathies of the taxpayers and the poor Ukrainians, but puts an end to the economy”, – says Birch.

Finally, the MP said today in Parliament is not visionary statesmen who understood the consequences of their actions. Instead, the Parliament sitting “lovers, fools, crooks, corrupt officials and just random characters, including a rapist Ivanisov”.

“Afraid of what smart and competent people in the Parliament is very small and that in the next convocation they will be even less,” – said Borislav.

Earlier, we reported that the former people’s Deputy Borislav Birch openly called the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky coward: it happened after a loud confession of the head of state.

At the same time on the background of the death of the father of Petro Poroshenko and disease Elena Zelensky Birch urged people not to do HYIP on the grief and trouble in the families of politicians, no matter how odious to Ukrainians as they were.

Evgeny Ustimenko