Boeing will install the new software on the 737 MAX liners in the coming weeks after the second crash of this type of aircraft

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Boeing will install the new software on the 737 MAX liners in the coming weeks after the second crash of this type of aircraft. The update is designed to make “the already safe aircraft even safer,” says NASA company.

The update will affect the system’s MCAS (maneuvering characteristics augmentation system), which automatically sends the nose of the plane. After the crash in October Boeing in Indonesia it became apparent that modifications of this aircraft has an undocumented feature: when flying in manual mode at a dangerously high angle of attack automatic control system MCAS changes the angle, “lowering the nose”. In combination with unreliable sensors of angle of attack and/or pilot error, this feature could cause a crash.

The company also said that experts working on Boeing crash site in Ethiopia, but to talk about the causes of the crash yet. The firm has offered condolences to the families of the victims, saying the safety of passengers and crew remains the company’s priority.

The Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) also put forward a demand to the company after Boeing passenger plane crash in Ethiopia. According to the document published on the website of the Department, from the Corporation demanded to improve the flight control system of Boeing 737 Max 8 and Boeing 737 Max 9.

In particular, Boeing ordered until April to make adjustments to the system, increase the performance of maneuvering (MCAS). In addition, in connection with changes in MCAS Boeing will have to make changes in the leadership in training pilots, as well as in the maintenance manual of the aircraft.

The office considered the Boeing 737 Max is suitable for flying. The FAA noted that the experts on a regular basis monitor the security of commercial aircraft in the USA. “If we discover a problem that affects the safety, FAA will take immediate necessary actions”, – specified in management.

Boeing 737 max 8 crashed on the morning of 10 Mar, 60 km southwest of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Liner headed to Nairobi, and crashed six minutes after take-off. Victims of the crash were 157 people, including 149 passengers and eight crew members – citizens of Ethiopia. Among the dead – came from 35 countries, including three Russians.

After the accident the civil aviation administration of China has temporarily banned the country’s airlines to use the Boeing 737 max. Their operation will be resumed after confirmation in all measures of safety. Instead of Boeing 737 max 8 that are in use by Chinese carriers among the 96 liners, will fly the Boeing 737-800.

The operation of Boeing 737 max 8 also stopped Ethiopia, UK, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Cayman Islands and South Africa. Australia temporarily banned flights of such aircraft over its territory, reports “Interfax”.

In the company of S7 Airlines, which so far only operates the 737 max in Russia, said that has not yet received recommendations from Boeing on the need to suspend flights. As reported by “Vedomosti”, 20 series machines 737 max is waiting for the airline “Victory”, A 28 – Utair, 14 – “Ural airlines” and three “Northstar”. While none of the customers about the plans to abandon this plane does not represent.

The Rosaviation has directed to Boeing and the Federal aviation administration USA (FAA) request for recommendations for further safe use of aircraft of this model. As stated on its website, in response to the request
Boeing announced that all the crews are the subject of further technical briefings and training on the simulator on the characteristics of the aircraft.

Utair will use the Boeing 737 Max, only if you get 100% guarantee of its security from the manufacturer, said the President of “Utair – passenger airlines” Pavel Permyakov. Representatives of “Victory” and “Nordstar” also said that follow the investigation, but the decision to abandon the aircraft were not accepted. The representative of “Ural airlines” refused to comment.

Another passenger plane Boeing 737 MAX 8 Indonesian airline Lion Air crashed on October 29 of last year, approximately 13 minutes after departure from the airport of Jakarta. The liner fell into the sea near the West coast of the island of Java. On Board were 189 people, all of them died. Among the passengers were 20 employees of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. The liner, designed for 210 people, made its first flight on 30 July 2018, and the company was transferred on 15 August.

The cause of the crash is still not installed. According to the authorities, immediately after takeoff the pilot asked the Manager to return to the airport and got a positive response. Soon, however, communication with the aircraft was lost.

In mid-November it was reported that Boeing had concealed from airlines and pilots information that the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 can suddenly break into a nosedive. In the newest versions of the 737 have a feature that helps to avoid dangerous scoring nose of the aircraft during flight. However, in emergency situations, the system can so lower the nose, the pilots will not be able to level flight, with the result that the ship will go into a dive, even under manual control.

Security experts involved in the investigation of the crash in Indonesia, noted that neither to American airlines and their managers, or to the pilots not informed that this system works on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9. About the warning system scoring nose of the aircraft is not mentioned in the training materials.