Blogger: the State is obliged to intervene to save the airport “Kiev” from bankruptcy

KIEV. May 27. UNN. The resumption of regular flights will not save the international airport “Kiev” from bankruptcy. Without government intervention the airport and all adjacent businesses will be closed. About this in his Facebook wrote blogger Michael Schneider.

“The saddest thing is that resuming regular posts from June 15 the situation is not save. Will fly a couple of airlines, but you can not contain the half of the runway, the terminal and quarter of a dozen and a half employees. Work should be all and everything, and this is a very large cost,” wrote the blogger.

During the quarantine ia “Kyiv” has lost all passenger traffic and all flights. Profit fell to zero, and the cost of taxes and maintenance of the infrastructure managed to reduce around 60%. With March 2 thousand employees on unpaid leave.

The airport has twice asked for help. Asked to remove restrictions and allow you to perform transport, evacuation and business flights in the period of quarantine. Currently, preferences for the operation provided solely “Borispol”. Ia “Kyiv” also requested the resumption of the flights to distribute the flights in a ratio of 30% to 70%, to allocate 22 million UAH for salaries and maintenance of infrastructure, a subsidy to the passengers to help with the refinancing of the loan and to reduce the land tax. The airport also continues to insist on the need to impose minimum rates on has provided services to all the airports to work in equal conditions. “No response from above is no. If nobody cares, then you should have said. But only right in the eyes, 10 of thousands of Ukrainians, who will be at the labor exchange, when the airport and all related enterprises will hang on the door locks granary,” wrote Schneider.

He also added that the EU governments to abolish airport taxes and providing state aid to the aviation industry. At this time in Ukraine, “continue to believe that if the problem is to close my eyes she’ll disappear.” “Actually, what exactly may disappear, so it’s our airport “Kiev”, — the blogger writes. — The airport is really vital assistance to exit the crisis and start to work in normal mode”.