American entrepreneur, founder and former head of Corporation Microsoft bill gates has denied any involvement in the alleged global conspiracy existing for the use of a future vaccine against the new coronavirus for the chipping of people and the further controlled reduction of the population of the Earth

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Gates confirmed that have heard about this theory, according to which he wants to implant people with microchips under the guise of vaccines. According to the billionaire, he never had anything to do with anything like that. “I never did anything like microchips”, – he told reporters, adding that “it is hard to deny this as it is a very stupid or weird”

American entrepreneur, founder and former head of Corporation Microsoft bill gates has denied any involvement in the alleged global conspiracy existing for the use of a future vaccine against the new coronavirus for the chipping of people and the further controlled reduction of the population of the Earth.

Gates confirmed that have heard about this theory, according to which he wants to implant people with microchips under the guise of vaccines. According to the billionaire, he never had anything to do with anything like that. “I never did anything like microchips”, – he told reporters, adding that “it is very difficult to deny this since it is very silly or strange,” gates was quoted by the portal Business Insider.

According to gates, such conspiracy theories can cause direct physical harm as prevent the spread of the vaccine group and the development of immunity against SARS-CoV-2. The billionaire said that, indeed, it would be useful to know, for example, “some children were vaccinated against measles and have not”, but added that since “there are necessary systems” of control, such as medical records, to determine immunized.

But in an interview with the BBC Today radio programme on the eve of bill gates reported that unscientific statements about vaccines and gossip about cipirani of the population lead to the incitement of hatred between people. “The concern is that at this time digital tools are used to all that craziness. When ultimately we will have a vaccine, we will need to achieve the formation of group immunity to about 80% of the population was vaccinated. But if they think that it is a Scam, or that vaccines are harmful and people don’t want vaccination, then the disease will continue to kill people,” gates said.

“I was somewhat surprised that some of these theories about me. We are raising money to create a tool, we write checks pharmacological companies. It so happened that in our Fund there are many experts in the field of pharmacology, and we believe an honest broker between the government and companies in terms of choosing the best method,” he said .

The founder of the charitable Foundation of bill and Melinda gates, and a third Trustee who is Warren Buffett, confirmed that his Foundation is funding the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

“Our goal is to raise $7.4 billion… We need vaccines not only for diseases such as measles, diarrhea and pneumonia. It is also essential that GAVI (Global Alliance for vaccines and immunization supported by the bill and Melinda gates Foundation) took delivery of a vaccine against coronavirus in developing countries. We are raising money not only within budget, GAVI, but we also opened a new Fund, which will purchase vaccine against coronavirus for poor countries,” – said gates.

According to him, the first vaccine needs to health care providers in countries where the epidemic continues, health workers and the country that invented the vaccine. Then the police and emergency services workers of vital areas. And then you can move on to the rest of the population. “And if the vaccine will be effective in the elderly, which is the main criterion, then it must be sent to nursing homes, prisons, shelters for the homeless, to reach out to those in high-risk. This should be done on a global scale. Fortunately, we are going in parallel to build several factories, and we hope that production volumes will be high,” counts bill gates.

Conspiracy theory the chipping of the world’s population and superanuation bill gates

Recall that one of the main themes in the conspiracy theory related to the coronavirus, is the chipping of the population of the whole Earth, including, of course, and Russians.

In accordance with this conspiracy version, the situation with the global epidemic COVID-19 was created artificially with the purpose of total vaccination of mankind. But not a simple vaccination, and nanovaccines. The nanochips allegedly will not only contain the vaccine, but will allow total control over the person. This planetary concept has a lot of details and characters. And one of the main roles it just reserved 64-year-old co-founder of Microsoft, philanthropist bill gates, who suddenly left the company for the poor of Africa and the global challenge of vaccination.

Proponents of this conspiracy theory refer to some facts which are used to confirm their ideas. So, in March 2015 on the conference of the American private non-profit Foundation TED, the Microsoft founder delivered a speech in the framework of the TED Talk and warned humanity that the greatest risk to people in the world is not nuclear war and a virus that could threaten the lives of tens of millions of people.

“Because of the lack of preparation of health systems can occur epidemic of a new disease, much more dangerous than Ebola. You may receive virus infected and posing a threat of infection to others, people feel well enough to get on a plane and go shopping,” said gates.

This statement became the starting point for fans of the theory of “chipping through vaccinations,” thought bill gates involved in the use of the pandemic to seize control of the global health system.

In may 2017 in a respectable publication Politico published an article entitled “Meet bill gates, the most powerful in the world doctor.” Its essence consisted in the fact that the charitable Foundation of bill and Melinda gates through their generous contributions has actually taken control the world health organization (who). The authors argued that over the last decade, the richest man in the world was the second largest donor to the who, behind only the US and ahead of Britain. Such generosity gave him an inordinate influence on the agenda of this organization. Using his influence, bill gates supposedly sent a disproportionately large resources for mass vaccination of the population of the poorest countries in the world at the expense of other who programmes as the gates Foundation is associated with the vaccine manufacturers.

In April 2018 website Mysterious Times published a “diabolical plan” by gates, the aim of which was called “the decline of the population of the Earth.” The alleged mass vaccinations maim and kill thousands of children on different continents lead to infertility women. The author of the text on Mysterious Times quoted gates: “Making people more healthy, we can reduce world population”.

Although gates really said that, this phrase actually has been grossly taken out of context. Bill and Melinda Gates in February 2018 in the annual message on his official blog wrote about the so-called “demographic dividend”: “When more children survive to five years, and the mother can decide to give birth if they still, the population is not growing. It’s going down. Parents having fewer children when they believe that their children will become adults. Over time in a society changing population structure, it becomes more workers and fewer dependents, and it contributes to economic development.”

But this reasoning conspiracy theorists still came to the conclusion about the insidious plan of “depopulation” of poor countries, representing a burden for the rich countries.

In October of 2019 in new York Center for health security at Johns Hopkins conducted with its partners, the International economic forum and the bill and Melinda gates Foundation, the event called Event 201 (“201 Event”). The participants explored the pandemic coronavirus and opportunities for public-private partnership “in response to a severe pandemic in order to reduce large-scale economic and social consequences.”

In the official press release of the event, said that in recent years, growing numbers of epidemic events annually reaching about 200. Every year they increase, causing greater harm to human health, the economies and society in General. Experts warned that one of these epidemics – conditional “Event 201” – will become a global pandemic with catastrophic consequences. And then, it will take the combined efforts of different countries and governments.

The Center for health security at Johns Hopkins later said that the source data used for modeling the potential impact of conditional virus was not similar to SARS-CoV-2. But the very fact of holding such an event and the subsequent pandemic coronavirus gave the supporters of the “conspiracy theory” is required for version verification.

The gates Foundation, the disposal of which about 45 billion dollars, working on the distribution of vaccines in developing countries, promotes contraceptives to prevent uncontrolled fertility, finances the development of genetically modified crops. These activities sparked allegations that gates stuffs the world’s poorest people unnecessary medications and harmful cultures, trying to reduce the world’s population.

In January 2020 gates generally accused of “sponsorship” of a pandemic and of “financing of development” of coronavirus, as it is the Foundation allocated $300 million to fight COVID-19 and vaccine development.

From publicly available information on the Fund’s website implies that he is cooperating with the British Institute of Pirbright studying viruses of domestic animals. In 2018, the Institute received a patent for their allocated attenuated strain of coronavirus, striking chickens, wrote USA Today. Although the only thing in common between the strain and the present disease, the word “coronavirus” (actually, today there are at least 40 species of coronaviruses), this immediately saw the incriminating bond, arguing that gates has created another virus, turning it into a weapon to sell more useless vaccines, at the same time killing millions of “extra” people (so fits in the theory of “Golden billion” – reduce population to 1-2 billion, for allegedly advocating a “shadow government”).

In April 2020, has added fuel to the fire, former US presidential Advisor Roger stone. The official, who is serving 40 months in prison for perjury about his participation in unproven collusion of the election headquarters of Donald trump with the Kremlin, gave a radio interview in which has declared about the artificial origin COVID-19 and tied a pandemic preparing superacting gates.

“Here’s what I know for sure. He and other globalists definitely use it (with coronavirus) for forced vaccinations and implanting people with microchips to mark those who passed the test,” quoted stone British The Sun.

Bill gates continues to calmly answer all the conspiracy theories associated with his name. “The irony is that this is talking about those who are doing everything in their power that the world was ready to invest billions of dollars into tools of struggle with infectious diseases and are really trying to solve the problem on a broad scale, including the issue of such diseases that may cause pandemics. We are in a crazy situation, and therefore subject to wild speculation,” – said earlier gates in an interview with Chinese TV channel CCTV.

The conspiracy theory about building a new world society with a common government appears inextricably linked with such obligatory item as a digital identification. Therefore, one of the popular versions of the outcome of the current pandemic – full-chipping the whole population through compulsory vaccination.

The last couple of decades, and especially since the events of 11 September 2001, conspiracy theorists are actively discussing the way of digital identification of people via implanted in the body of the electronic microchip, which will allow governments not only to follow, but if you want to control citizens.

If the idea of the introduction of individual microchips has always met the population very negative reaction and comparison with “digital concentration camp”, in the current situation when people are sure that we are talking about life and death, about survival, the vaccine, the chip may become desirable, people will become to demanding.

As a result of chipping, according to conspiracy theorists, the authorities will not only get complete information about the state of health of each person, but all information about his movements, about his contacts with other people, about his whereabouts at any given time…

The theory that supposedly bill gates still creates a nano chip for the population, is fueling the very fact that a billionaire three years ago a public-private partnership ID2020. It aims to introduce a solid digital identity of people. The project ID2020 supported by the UN. According to his plan, until 2030 it is necessary to provide all people on the planet digital ID. The project involves Microsoft, Accenture, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cisco Systems.

Starting this year, coronavirus pandemic gave a powerful impetus to the project ID2020. Gates said that digital identity is the fight against viral pandemics impossible. According to him, the digital ID can not be regarded as an encroachment on human freedom, because this medical chip will provide information about what vaccinations and when was man made. Can such a digital ID is, in principle, be used for other purposes? Yes, but in terms of the deadly pandemic this question is easy to get around.

In the project ID2020 assure that the whole array of information about each person will be stored using the technology of the blockchain, that is encrypted in a distributed database, like transactions in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Thus full access to the personal information of a person, no one will have the same organization, even the state. But the scandals with regular leaks of confidential data occurring regularly, give a reason to doubt it.

The project ID2020 in 2020 plans by using blockchain technology to integrate all existing systems of keeping records for the identification. Bill gates explains that such digital passport will allow you to identify those who have recovered. “In the end we will have digital certificates, which will show us who recovered, who recently passed the testing, or when we have a vaccine, who received it,” wrote gates in Reddit.

In April 2020 the New York Times, citing research centre Zignal Labs, wrote that in recent months, is also spreading the information that a new infection fits the interests of the founder of Microsoft, who can earn billions on the vaccine. In addition, a pandemic could facilitate the implementation of gates’s plans to introduce nanotechnology, which allows to introduce under the skin of the person record, for example, about vaccination. This “digital tattoo” of nanoparticles can be seen in infrared light.

This technology will allow you to scan citizens to establish whether they have evidence about the absence of disease, vaccination or the presence of antibodies to the virus.

Funded by the bill and Melinda gates Foundation study at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Laboratory of intellectual ventures in Bellevue, Washington state, describes all this as “quantum dots near-infrared range”, which can be implanted under the skin with the vaccine to encode information for “decentralized data storage and biosustainable”. Thus, the vaccine chip already exists and its implementation – a matter of months.