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Testing for coronavirus in Beijing

CCTV Video News Agency / YouTube

International airports of the capital of China has canceled more than 900 domestic flights, according to TASS, citing data from the airports.

In particular, the flights have been canceled at airports in Daxing and Beijing capital. People who are going to leave Beijing, need to have a medical certificate about the lack COVID-19.

Schedule Beijing on Tuesday, June 16, disappeared more than half of flights – 634. The largest airport of Beijing Daxing did not serve 295 of 558 scheduled flights.

The city authorities since June 17, has raised the level of emergency response in public health from the third to the second. Residents particularly dangerous from the epidemiological point of view regions are forbidden to leave Beijing.

The city authorities called on all residents to abandon the “travel Essentials” and stay home.

In addition, all primary and secondary schools in Beijing are closed, students move into distance learning mode. Discontinued operation of universities, closed all entertainment and sporting facilities.

Authorities in Beijing called the situation “extremely serious.”

Over the past day in the capital of China has identified 27 new cases of the disease, and for the past five days, the number of people infected in Beijing has exceeded 100 people. Recent cases associated with the outbreak in the grocery market in southern Beijing.