Photos “Bangs” on the iPhone XS Max brought to court over AppleiPhone and iPhone XS Max XS / Photo: Digital Trends

The plaintiff claims that the smartphone is designed to hide the presence of the cutout on the front panel

17.12.18 600000

Californian Courtney Davis filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of deliberate deception of customers because of the “bangs” on the iPhone XS Max.

Davis claims that the smartphone from Apple is designed to hide the presence of the cutout on the front panel. She allegedly was made to believe the buyer that it przekazanie iPhone XS Max has no “bangs”, says TJ.

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In the lawsuit, the woman pointed out what Apple has in mind. We are talking about the images of the iPhones on the company’s official website and retail point of sale devices.

Due to the black background black “bangs” on your phone not visible and the image of the planet on the screen gives the impression that the screen really takes up the entire front panel of the smartphone.

Davis requires to establish a judicial ban on the “abusive practice” and to reimburse her for the damage.

Recall that Apple would reduce iPhone production XR because of unpopularity. The demand for the smartphone was 20-25 percent lower than expected. At the same time, the manufacturer increased orders for last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.