Avakov named Odessa new “criminal capital” UkraineArsen Avakov/Photo from open sources

The Minister argues that in other cities the situation is better

04.12.18 169000

The Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said that the current criminal situation in Odessa continue to put up impossible.

He said this at a briefing on Tuesday, December 4, according to UKRINFORM.

“Why Odessa in recent months became the capital of the criminal world of Ukraine? Why is it so happened that the professional raiders – “activists” have become an inherent part of business and political life of Odessa? The first day of martial law, arrested a group of 17 militants who attacked one building, in another place, attack politics,” said the Minister.

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According to him, the issue when “the local political elite, local business elite and managerial elite for some reason I thought that is so convenient, and decided that each political group and grouping in this case should have two or three “brigade” militants “public figures,” the real public figures deeply the “clogged”, including physically.”

Avakov argues that in other cities – Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia – such state of Affairs in this matter, as in Odessa, no.

“The attorney General said today the truth that must be clear to all: the monopoly on force belongs to the state. No young man with a bat, none of the self-styled activist cannot determine the degree of justice. And we will move”, – the Minister added.

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According to him, after the meeting of the security forces in Odessa, it was decided on several issues, in particular, conduct a rather in-depth review of economic schemes.

“This was coming down here specialists from other regions and from Kiev in particular, in order to try to extricate yourself from the potential risks and arrangements in local law enforcement. And I think it’s very foolish of Odessa business and political elite to usurp such a dubious prize as the “capital of the binge and the criminal element in Ukraine”. I really hope that this episode we will go very quickly,” – said Avakov.

Note, in October the first Deputy head of national police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin said that the most criminal city in Ukraine Cherkassy.