The Royal Australian air force (RAAF) has received the first of three prototype aircraft unmanned Loyal Wingman, developed by Boeing Australia. This is the first such aircraft to be fully designed and manufactured in Australia for the last half century.

In its creation was attended by 35 Australian companies and organizations from four States. Loyal Wingman is the newest combat drone with a jet engine, which will be the basis of the joint system strike aircraft (ATS).

In the design process in addition to the prototype of the drone was created by its “digital twin” for the simulation of structures, systems, capabilities and parameters of the full life cycle. A prototype with a length of 11.7 m made of modern composite materials.

Loyal Wingman is designed to work in conjunction with manned aircraft, which it will be managed with the use of artificial intelligence, and custom sensors. Its flight range of 3,700 km, it can carry out both combat and reconnaissance missions.

As reported in Boeing’s ground tests Loyal Wingman will begin this year. Further, the finished product will be available on the world market.

Source — Boeing