Auction company ROCK ISLAND put up for sale an unusual device called Clock Gun made in 1902. It is a bizarre combination of watches and multi-barreled 12-gauge shotgun.

The principle of its operation is reminiscent of a Goldberg machine, which means “clever” devices that perform simple actions in quite a complex way. In more detail, it looks like.

Initially charged all 12 barrels of a shotgun. Then you need to fix a metal loads in the tubes on each stem with threads that attach to the little clock at the bottom. As you rotate clockwise, attached blade, cut the threads, thereby freeing the cargo. Those, in turn, fall on a loaded barrel of a shotgun and make the shot.

The question arises: what was it all invented? As it turned out, ‘clock Gun is an automated shooting a Scarecrow to scare away birds. As explained by commentator YouTube-channel “Wearpons Forgotten” (“Forgotten weapons”), Ian McCollum, patented in 1902, watch shotgun became highly original for its time solution of this problem.

Clock Gun is likely to interest fans of Armory Antiques. It is expected that the auction will take place in the price range from 3500 to 5000 dollars.

Source — Forgotten Weapons