Apple followed Intel was puzzled what to do with the passenger during the trip in robotized vehicle, and patented his version of the technology of interactive entertainment. It is based on the transformation of the interior of robomobile in the game space with virtual reality. And while the real electric car is standing in traffic, the passengers inside may experience a little adventure.

As examples in the Memorandum to the patent States “flight on a hang-glider with a function of bombardment of objects below”, “race in a post-apocalyptic world”, “zombie infestation”. Passengers do not remain passive spectators, they will have the opportunity to participate in the gameplay with gamepads or other data entry systems. In addition to purely virtual will be used and augmented reality, overlay image on image with external camera car.

Highlight technologies that should help Apple to stand out in this field, to use different elements of the car in the game. Seat passengers can heel the climate control to simulate the heat of the desert, and the treacherous, the computer will wait until the machine will stand on a red traffic light, and then it will catch up to players zombie for effect. Even the movement of the machine under the control of the autopilot can be the basis for the game.

In 2015 there were rumors about “Project Titan” – independent project Apple on the development machine with the autopilot. Cupertinos even rented test site and was applied to tests on a real highway. But now, like many IT giants have tempered the ardor and focused on the development of software and content for passengers of robomobile, not the production of the machines themselves.
Source — The Verge