Leading researcher of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov and the General Director of the company “Mitotech” Maxim Skulachev spoke about a new way to fight the effects of coronavirus on the body.

  • AGN “Moscow”

As reports the newspaper “Izvestia”, the researchers found that previously created an antioxidant SkQ has a positive effect on the condition of the vessels in a situation when active the immune system in combating the virus begins to destroy healthy tissue.

“We were grown in test tubes with human cells, added there SkQ, and further conducted various experiments, in particular added cytokines — the molecules responsible for inflammatory response of the body. And it turned out that inflammatory processes typical of the vessels in the interaction with a large number of cytokines, did not occur”, — said Maxim Skulachev.

It is noted that experts have already tested the effect of the substance on mice.

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