The festival Starmus, the audience was presented a composition called “Starsounds”, the basis for which were the sounds of stars. It is sonically waves in the infrasonic range, which was specifically accelerated in order to be able to perceive the human ear. The arrangement was carried out personally, Brian Eno – composer, who is known as the “father” of the genre ambient.

Sounds taken from a huge music library, which in 2005 gathered Garik Israelian. Along with another scientist and guitarist of Queen, astrophysicist Brian MAAM, they became the ideologists of the festival Starmus. The annual event is the idea of unity of science and creativity and helps to promote original music and to popularize science.

Brian Eno is not the first who have used recorded sounds of stars to create new melodies. Previously the contents of the famous library became the basis for a concert of Hans Zimmer and Paul Franklin “The Warped Side of the Universe”. Later this music was born of the cult soundtrack for the movie “interstellar”.

Source — retrofuturista