Arakhamia about the explosions in Balakliya: there are two polar versions of events

KIEV. April 30. UNN. The Verkhovna Rada has prolonged the work of the interim investigation Commission on investigation of five fires at ammunition depots. Now there are two totally opposite in content version of the events at the Arsenal in balakliia. This was stated during a speech in the Parliament the Chairman of the faction “servant of the people”, the head of the temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada concerning investigation of the explosions at military depots in 2014-2018 David Arakhamiya, the correspondent of UNN.

“There were a number of fires in warehouses and arsenals. We started the work of the Commission regarding the largest and most powerful Arsenal in Eastern Europe (in balakliia – ed.) where we lost property and ammunition only at cost 12 billion hryvnia. If you take a stock market value of not less than 10 billion dollars.

The Kharkov management of SBU considered 3 years on this case and quickly concluded that it was a Russian drone, which is flown and in what way carried out this sabotage,” – said Arakhamia.

He noted that when the Commission began to interview the people who started the investigative process, “to put it mildly, surprised.”

“The first examination of the Kharkiv Bokarius Institute, which brought the investigation, they came to the conclusion that it was the shells that were laid on the territory of the Arsenal. Once such a conclusion has received, people began to push and transfer the examination in Kiev, which came to the conclusion that drone. We are not saying that this conclusion is true, or the true. We say that there are two completely diametrically different version of the events at the Arsenal,” said Arakhamia.

Also, according to him, about a week before the fire allegedly was supposed to enter into force on the conclusion of the audit Commission about the lack of the Arsenal at UAH 560 mn.

“First, you need to pick up the investigation from Kharkiv to Kiev, and secondly to conduct an independent comprehensive examination, thirdly, to make this process open to society”, – summed up Arakhamia.

Recall that the Parliament continued the work of the Commission on the investigation of five fires at ammunition depots for six months. The decision was supported 332 deputies of Ukraine.