Apple has invested millions of dollars, but are unable to replace humans with robots on Assembly lines.

It all started in 2012 when the Apple contractor Foxconn is presented to the user in an automated Assembly line. Especially for her was created by the new controllers, called Foxbots, with which robots could cut metal for buildings iPad, cutting, grind and polishing the details. There was held the Assembly of the tablets, and to control the line of missing just a few people.


Tim cook, Apple’s CEO, was delighted and ordered to run in Sunnyvale California a new laboratory, where he invited the best specialists in robotics. Their task was to find out the limits of using robots in the creation of all products of the brand. Problems began immediately – for example, the robots managed to spill glue for displays or constantly losing tiny screws.

The worst was not the rejects and the fact that the robots broke down frustratingly often, thus quickly replace them did not come out. And in a situation where Asian workers are simply replaced each other, the American engineers had to stop the whole line. In the end, by 2018-th the project is curtailed, and efforts were redirected to the project “Daisy” – robot for fast and accurate dismantling of the iPhone, which derives from old smartphones useful parts.
Source — The Information