ODESSA-KIEV. March 23. UNN. In the Odessa region in the village of Savran, and S. polyanets’ke in personal subsidiary farms of citizens it was the disease and death of pigs. About it the correspondent of UNN reported in the press service of the Main Directorate of Gospodarevskaya in the Odessa region.

“In the study of samples of biological material in the State research Institute for laboratory diagnostics and veterinary-sanitary examination the diagnosis of African swine fever (ASF)”, – stated in the message.

For the purpose of coordination of actions on localization and liquidation of outbreaks of ASF held a meeting of the state extraordinary antiepizootic Commission at Savranskaya, district state administration, which approved the plan to eliminate ASF, defined boundaries epizootic foci, areas of protection and supervision.

The foci are actions to contain and prevent the spread of the causative agent of ASF.

We will remind, the Parliament proposes to January 1, 2020, prohibit farmers selling homemade meat because of the threat of ASF.