Tina Karol in the New year will sing in Kyiv for $35 000, winnick in Odessa for $50,000, and Lorak in the UAE for $70 000.
Andrey Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka for the corporate takes around $40,000 / Photo UNIAN

Traditionally, on the eve of holidays the journalists communicated with the organizers of the events for VIPs and learned prices of Ukrainian stars for performance in the new year’s eve.

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As it turned out, this year a few of the celebrities chose private events, most will be restaurants, noisy parties, and some artists decided to stay home with family, writes, “Strenia”.

One of the most inspirational party will take place in the Kiev hotel. There will be a Max of lordly (Max of Barskih) and TAYANNA.

“Max agreed to work new year’s eve only if his speech in Kiev. This year he will sing in the fashionable hotel of his good friend Elizabeth Grushevoy. By the way, last year he performed in Kazakhstan for a record $70 000. As far as I know, new year’s fee of the artist in this time, given that it is the hometown, is $60,000. Barsky will perform during the night only once and only after midnight, and the champagne glasses for 2019 first he will raise, surrounded by friends and relatives”, – told a source close to the singer.

Together with the master’s at the hotel will speak, and singer TAYANNA, which this year ranked second in the final National selection “Eurovision”.

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“After she started to work with Alan by Buzaevym and Agency Mikhail Yasinsky, her things went sharply uphill. Joint work has brought not only the hit songs, beautiful clips and music awards, but also monetization. So, a year ago, the fee of the singer was $3500-4000, this is $8000. By the way new year’s eve TAYANNA to perform twice – both times in Kiev”, – told on condition of anonymity, the party planner for VIPs.

If you want to listen Oleg Vinnik, best singer of the year version of the M1 Music Awards – I have to go to Odessa. New year’s eve winnick will appear in one of the concert halls (requested fee of $50,000), and for all who can’t go to an expensive restaurant – and held his mini-concert on Dumskaya square.

The singer Natalia Mogilevskaya this year on new year’s night will perform twice. The club and restaurant of Kiev.

According to representatives of event agencies, the performance of Natalia Mogilev organizers will cost $20 000.

Singer Tina Karol on the 31st of December will traditionally give a new year concert “Ukraine”, and closer to midnight, the artist will arrive at the restaurant in Kiev. This place is restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko. The performance of new year’s eve is worth $35 000.

Singer Ani Lorak will spend new year’s eve in one of the hotels in Abu Dhabi- Emirates Palace Hotel. On stage with her will be Russian artists Alexander Revva and Oleg Gazmanov.

The performance of Ani Lorak planned in the framework of the festival of Russian Music Festival, which will be held in UAE from 31 December to 8 January.

“Ani Lorak for the speech takes not less than $70,000, but organizers still need to pay for the Shuttle, and musicians. The same price now and Svetlana Loboda,” says the event Manager.

If last year Olya Polyakova acted in the restaurant and two private events, but this year the star took a vacation.

“She’s with the children, for the first time in a long time, the youngest daughter sees Olga on the New year at home,” told “the Country” in a press-service of the actress.

Polyakova herself confirmed in an interview with “Telenedelya”, that really doesn’t sing at parties: “new year’s eve decided not to work. For the first time in twenty years! This had to specifically request the fee for new year party $100,000 in the hope that this figure will scare away customers. No, if, of course, someone agreed to pay so much, I would go. But, thank God, these lunatics not found.”

Singer MONATIK this year will sing in the new year’s eve for a narrow circle of guests.

“Dima performs at a private event in new year’s eve. As there is an active preparation to the show at the NSC “Olympic” from the public speaking were away,” said us the PR Manager of the artist.

Note that the fee of the singer is still around $30 000.

“Andrei Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka for the corporate takes about $40 000. Last year he played in the suburbs. There and met the New year. Rumor has it that this year were ordered in Russia. But he’s very skittish, so may withdraw at the last moment”, – said the representative of the promotion Agency.