As you can see in the picture, the singer chose the wrong style of dress.
The artist chose not quite a good shot, because it seems that she was heavier / photoОпальная Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak surprised network a strange outfit.

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On his page in Instagram singer posted a photo where she poses in a rather extraordinary manner. “Dance, sing, breathe!” – signed by the artist.

In the frame of Ani Lorak appeared dancing in a silver mini-dress embroidered with sequined fringe.

“Dress weird”, “Unusual outfit”, “You’re unnatural,” write in the comments under the photo.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

?? Dance, sing, breathe!

Does, polirani Ani Lorak (@anilorak happy) 20 ber 2019 R. 2:25 PDT

Earlier, the disgraced Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda in a revealing outfit showed how warming up before going on stage, and revealed nipples.