Today, may 29, in the suburbs of Kiev in Brovary, about hundreds
people staged a mass shooting using various
firearms. It is noted that it was a showdown of marshrutchik which
something not shared.

It is reported Диалог.UA with reference to the post telegram-channel Andrei Tsaplienko.

He said that the firefight began early in the morning right on
the street. Just managed to hold only ten people.

Tsaplienko has published several photos, which the detained
middle-aged men. Their weapons confiscated. The investigation began in fact
bullying. He also showed footage of Windows in which the bullet hit. It is unclear
it happened in houses or not.

The journalist notes, he didn’t know that drivers in
Ukraine is a “hit business”. He assured that 90
come back and along with the crisis devalued human life.

Earlier it was reported that near Kiev in Brovary skirmish in the middle of the street. Several dozen people from
different types of weapons opened fire in the early morning. Police arrested only 10.

Before it was reported that a couple of months ago in Mukachevo
sent riot police from outside shooting. On the spot, the police seized a machine gun
AK-47, a pistol, and also cartridges. Then nobody has suffered, has had several

We will remind, near Zhitomir, the police discovered the place of mass massacre. It is noted that there is presumably one person
shot seven of his friends. All of them were linked to the ATO.

Vadim Golovko