Any official subscriber of Amazon Web Services can now access an educational program dedicated to the principles of machine learning. Previously this was a privilege available only to employees of the company, now in Amazon have reported that they love to see beginners and experienced developers. They provide 30 lessons, which included 45 hours of study materials, lectures and laboratory workshops. And all for free.

The aim of the initiative is to join the ranks of the four key groups of developers in this area. Interests Amazon affect programmers, experts in analytical data, developers of new platforms and managers on the application of the concepts of “big data”. In the course of learning, from theory they have to go to solve the urgent and large-scale tasks, such as: justification of the choice of product packaging to improve sales, optimization schemes for the delivery of orders and even forecasting the distribution of awards at the next festival.

The educational program is free, but the tools have to pay. In particular, pay is the rent cloud storage, which is unthinkable without practical classes. Yes, and the exam, the results of which you can obtain the certificate “Certified AWS Machine Learning – Specialty”, costs $300, but at this stage — half the time, as promotion. And participants of the program waits for preferential access to the service Sagemaker, to develop applications with the systems of machine learning.

Such generosity on the part of Amazon is very simple – Google in Alliance with the company Coursera has already launched a similar program devoted to machine learning. Not asleep and Microsoft. The top managers of the IT giants have some idea about what will be required of the industry in the near future, and no one wants to get left behind. And because the mass training of specialists in the field of intelligent systems is just beginning.
Source — Amazon