The developers have worked on the design, to make it more comfortable to hold while reading.

Amazon introduced a new version of its most affordable Kindle reader (2019), which finally got the screen backlight. The cost of new items is $89,99/$109,99 ($10 more expensive than the predecessor), in sale it will arrive on 10 April 2019 in black and white designs.

Read machinesan the most expensive brand in the world

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“In fact, the backlight on the basis of 4 LED-elements is the most noticeable change in the characteristics of the Kindle (2019) compared with the predecessor, which was released back in 2016. Amazon noted that also worked on the design of the hull, to make it more comfortable to hold while reading. The dimensions of the reader are 160x113x8,7 mm, weight – 174 grams”, – stated in the message.


Kindle reader (2019) is equipped with a 6-inch e-ink screen with a pixel density of 167 PPI (not 300 PPI as the Paperwhite or Oasis). In this matrix all the same is recessed into the hull, and not made in the same plane with the trim as the older models. The initial Kindle so remains the only model in the family of e-readers from Amazon, which has not received protection from moisture.


Internal memory is 4 GB, supported mode nachitki books on your Bluetooth speakers or headphones via technology Audible. From a full battery charge the reader works up to 4 weeks in the “half hour per day with backlight”, 100% charging takes about 4 hours.