Almost half of cases COVID-19 people in Ukraine to 50 years – Lyashko

Victor Lyashko

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KIEV. July 14. UNN. In Ukraine 45% of all cases are young people aged 20 to 49 years. About this on his page in Facebook said the Deputy Minister of health and chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko, the correspondent of UNN.

“45% (24379) from all persons who have confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus are young people aged 20 to 49 years,” he said.

Lyashko said that 4 days in a row in Ukraine the number of active patients less than the number of completed cases (people who recovered + dead). As of July 13, the percent of completed cases of 51.5%.

So, the least number of active patients on 100 thousand population, respectively, and the lowest risk of infection, in Lugansk, (0,9), Kherson (1,5), Poltava (1,7), Dnipropetrovsk (2,8), Sumy (3 7) and Zaporizhia (5,0) fields.

“Top 5 regions by number of the laboratory tests by PCR on COVID-19 per 1 million population since the epidemic began: Kiev — 47 466; Chernivtsi — 40 073; Cherkasy — 31 929; Ternopil — 30 825; Rivne — 29 978”, he added.

Lyashko adds that in 2019 there are about 690 thousand people died from HIV-related illnesses. Today, and this is a little more than six months from COVID-19 have died more than 570 thousand. With the pace, COVID-19 to the end of the year may be on a par with diseases and phenomena that cause the greatest burden on the health in the world: diabetes, tuberculosis, road traffic accidents and exceed not only HIV, but also malaria, murder and suicide.

We will remind, in Ukraine 8:50 July 13, has already recorded more than 54 thousand cases of coronavirus disease COVID-19, the number of new cases — over 600, like the day before.