There was an online conference of the League of combat Sambo (lbs) on the organization of professional clubs for this sport in Russia.

  • RIA Novosti

During the event it was announced that the all-Russian Sambo Federation (VFS) and the media company “Red square” is prepared to show a cycle of video lectures on the history of Sambo. The project will involve veterans of the sport and active wrestlers. The participants of the conference discussed the results of the last lbs I championship in Sochi, as well as the rules of competitions, uniforms and referees, the games, the organization of professional clubs combat Sambo and draft contracts with athletes and their managers.

“One of the main events of the beginning of 2020 — the creation of the League of combat Sambo. The League is founded as a professional sports organization that primarily serves to promote the national martial arts and Russian athletes on the international stage. The League is becoming a platform for the development of skills of young wrestlers,” said VFS President Sergey Eliseev.

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