Alexander Khatskevich. Photo:

Head coach of “Dynamo” Alexander Khatskevich spoke with journalists at the regular press conference before the second leg of the round of the playoffs the UEFA Europa League with the Portuguese “Maritime”.

The last couple of days we worked in a usual mode. Today I dismantled our game in Portugal.

Showed that we managed in the first match, what wasn’t, what was the problem in the first place in defense. Also disassembled actions in the attack, where, what influenced it – the quality of the lawn or performing skills.

The team played well in Funchal, but tomorrow we have to play much better.

– Giving rest Mbokani and providing the opportunity to Express themselves Kravets and besedino in the match against Stal, you thereby helped the national team of Ukraine. Have you ever had a conversation with Andriy Shevchenko on the practice for players of a national team?

– Do you care about the national team of Ukraine, and I was a little different. In the match against Stal we had a chance to rest not only Mbokani, but of the entire basic holder of players who played in Portugal. If we talk about the Kravets and Besedin – forwards came out and did their job. As for Shevchenko, he was here on the base, but, unfortunately, we were not able to meet him. However, over the phone, we communicate with him.

– In the match against Stal you were given the opportunity to many players to rest. This lack of energy after a long flight, or just decided to spare before the return match?

– Actually, the flight was difficult. Medical examination the next day showed that the guys not recovered, both physically and psychologically. The rotation should be, and initially we had planned not as tangible, but the results slightly corrected our plans.

– In the last games, it was clear that the Dynamo have a lot of misplaced passes out of defence to attack. What is the reason?

– With regard to technical errors, it is the skill of the players. And the first pass is an element of football, which also need to take the risk. To save the ball across the field or backwards, the guys are playing really solid. First pass, if he comes forward, is always sharpening gear. While there are different situations, the player can be under pressure or in a free zone.

– How it feels, Pivaric? And who will come tomorrow on the left flank of protection?

– State of Pilarica now stable, but he is not training because he’s got a concussion and a fairly large wound. As to what combination we go on the defensive big we have no choice. The same Mikolenko played confidently enough with the “Steel”, but will make a decision tomorrow.

– Before the first match you said that the success of Portuguese clubs in home games is the fans ‘ support. What do you expect from our 12th player?

– I wish the fans were with us from the first to the last minute of the match, supported and drove forward. For the guys it’s important.

– Your opinion about the “Maritimo” has changed after the first match? How to beat the opponent?

– In the last game of the championship against “Boavista”, they also gave rest to a large group of players. The team is very small skips, plays organized in defense, quick transitions to attack, plays well in the standards. I hope there are no surprises they will present to us. And the key to our success will be a reliable defense action and effective game in attack.

– Pay attention to today’s training run penalty?

– Awarded a penalty in training and during a game are two different things, especially if played for 120 minutes. We have experienced guys who will take responsibility if necessary, but today is definitely not going to coach penalty.