Alexander Khatskevich. Photo:

Press conference head coach of “Dynamo” Alexander Khatskevich before the match of the 2nd round of the group round of the Europa League against Partizan.

– The group that participated in the game with “Veres”, gave more leisure. Overall, more attention paid to theoretical work.

A match with “Veres” was dismantled, with an emphasis on defense, because we pretty much allowed the opponents in this game.

Based on how “Partisan” builds his attacking actions, if we play defense, our goal can be a problem.

– Why, in your opinion, this season Partizan plays better on the road than at home?

– We watched their last matches, in particular, with the “young boys” in the Europa League and the championship.

A match with “Sparta”? It did not focus, as in the “partisan” was a big change, and we decided that this fight is not indicative.

– Why not come to Belgrade Mbokani? And one of the forwards will count on Thursday?

– After game with “Veres” Dieumerci did an MRI, which revealed some problems. Don’t know whether he will be ready to play against Zorya, but yet he can’t even get any exercise. Yesterday we simulated the game, planning how we are going to build it. In the head composition is, tomorrow you will see for yourself.

You took a Novel Wantwho that he just joined the atmosphere, or are about to produce on the field?

– I’m counting on him in the upcoming game, he has for a long time practicing with the first team and confidently looks at the position of winger, and extreme defense.

– What words will find for the children, given that the game will take place in front of empty stands?

– It will be hard for both teams. “Partisan” now there is no home field advantage, because there is always just incredible support, the whole stadium’s sick. But the fans will play uncomfortable. I’ll tell you what Vitaliy buialskyi: in the atmosphere, when a full stadium for any athlete to play nicer. This year we’ve had enough of games without fans, so, to some extent, prepared for this psychologically.

– What is characteristic for Serbian clubs and for Partizan, in particular?

– In this team enough physically strong players, especially in defense, plus, there are skillful players in attack. The presence of experienced players, combined they have the power and technical qualities speaks in favor of this team. And who exactly tomorrow they will be on the field is another question. They have interesting players in the team who will need to pay special attention.

– What result would be acceptable to you on Thursday?

– We have a goal, and the team knows about it is a victory in every match. So a good result is to win only.

Coach of Partizan said that his team will play aggressive. For you it would cause problems?

– Aggressive play creates all the problems. But we ourselves also, tomorrow will try to play aggressively.