Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, the former Prime Minister signed a political agreement, said the representative of the President Sedik Sedici.

  • Reuters

“The political agreement signed between President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah”, — he wrote in Twitter.

Sidiki stressed that Abdullah will head the Supreme Council for national reconciliation and his team members will be included in the Cabinet.

The Political Agreement between President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has just been signed. Dr. Abdullah will lead the National Reconciliation Council and High members of his team will be included in the cabinet. Details will be aired shortly by RTA.

— Sediq Sediqqi (@SediqSediqqi) May 17, 2020

As reported RIA Novosti, Ashraf Ghani after his re-election officially took office on 9 March, however, Abdullah, who did not recognize his defeat, held parallel to the inauguration ceremony as the President.

After that Ghani has abolished the post of chief Executive, which was held by Abdullah.