Adviser to the public Prosecutor Alexander Vatutin helps schemes of Converter Kostyuk media

KIEV. May 9. UNN. The newly appointed adviser to the attorney-General Irina Venediktova Alexander Vatutin may be directly involved in the conversion circuits associated with the evasion of VAT and smuggling of goods into the territory of Ukraine, as previously headed the appropriate direction, the attorney General’s office. One of the key beneficiaries of the schemes was, and remains, famous Lviv businessman Vasily Kostyuk, the newspaper writes “News”.

Reporters noted that some time ago, Vatutin was the Prosecutor of procedural management of pre-trial investigation and maintaining public prosecution management supervision over the observance of laws by bodies of State fiscal service of Ukraine, Department of supervision of observance of laws in criminal proceedings and coordination of law enforcement activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. That is, in fact, was “looking for tax”.

The paper refers to the facts that Vatutin at this post repeatedly “for financial compensation illegally closed criminal proceedings on the “famous kings” contraband and returned them before the seized items are contraband.” This supposedly is due to the fact that these corrupt “progress” Alexander Vatutin has repeatedly discussed the qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors, he not having passed the certification, resigned from the authorities in early January 2020.

Among illicit connections to mention, in particular, such known in narrow circles of businessmen, smugglers, as Vadim Alperin and Victor Sherman.

According to the journalists, one of the main projects Vatutin had been the support work of the famous smuggler and author of conversion schemes Vasily Kostyuk. “The biggest success Kostiuk in terms of lobbying at the highest political level was the appointment to the post of head of the State fiscal service of his classmate, Sergey Villanova. No wonder that the result after the dismissal of the latter from office by the Ukrainian security Service has opened a case of possible complicity Villanova in conversion schemes for the formation of fictitious tax credit on the VAT”, — the newspaper notes.

Another staff luck Kostyuk, of course, was the appointment to the post of head of the Customs service Maxim Nefyodov, which is in kinship with one of the managers of Kostyuk Andrey Blikom.

According to the newspaper, “received at the hands of a Royal flush as Verlanov in GFS, nefodov Customs and Vatutin in the Prosecutor’s office”, he just could not activate their power and “things got better”. Despite the dismissal Villanova and Nefiodova, the presence of the presidential Advisor of Genprokurora Alexander Vatutin is an important component of business success Kostyuk, the newspaper writes.

“Recently, the media published a list of top officials of the Prosecutor’s office, which has lobbied Vatutin in the office of the attorney General and who “the people” will be able to “rely” for “solving” their “sensitive issues”. Among these frames is the successor Vatutina long (by name) the position of “tax supervisor” Anatoly Kovalenko. In addition, the Prosecutor’s office efforts Vatutin returned on loan from Kharkov acting head of the Department for supervision of Nicoletia Alexander Shevchenko and head of the Department for supervision over the bodies in combating organized and transnational crime Arseny relies that earlier from-for corruption scandal, too was dismissed. It is expected that in the near future personnel “the finger” Vatutin will be sent in the native Kostiuk, Lviv region. Fortunately, Vasily has already prepared for Alexander a few reliable people in the Deputy the regional Prosecutor’s office”, — stated in the material.