A U.S. Senate Committee will vote on the matter of the investigation regarding Burisma Biden

KIEV. May 14. UNN. Republican Senator Ron Johnson will hold next week a vote in the Senate Committee concerning consideration on the agenda of the consulting company Blue Star Strategies in the investigation of the activities of the Ukrainian company Burisma, and hunter Biden — the son of potential presidential candidate in the 2020 race Joe Biden. This writes the “Voice of America”, reports UNN.

The Senate Committee on national security and government relations must decide whether to claim at Blue Star Strategies documents dated 2013 to the present, related to her work for Burisma.

Of its intention to receive documents from Blue Star Strategies Johnson announced in March. The purpose of the investigation of this case, according to the Senator, to answer the “many questions about potential conflicts of interest and the number of representatives of Burisma personal ties with high-ranking Obama administration for access and the possible impact on American governmental institutions.”

Democrats oppose this investigation, claiming his only purpose is to hinder the election campaign of former Vice President Biden. No evidence of the involvement of Joe Biden and his son hunter to criminal activity was not given, the newspaper notes.

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