The Nissan company presented concept car Prototype 9, which will never pass by any track in the world. Is that to demonstrate that he is able to drive, and not a beautiful empty box on wheels. Is a showpiece for the Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance and at the same time attempt to set a new fashion in the case of electromobility.

The novelty design is a direct reference to the shape of the racing cars of the last century, especially models of group Auto Union. Electric car and made almost on the technologies of those times, except that of modern materials. That is why it received such a wide grille, a set of spokes on the wheels and tires with a simple cross pattern.

However, the stuffing of the concept car is ultra-modern. Electric powerplant with 140 HP Infiniti accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. The ceiling rate only 170 km/h, but it’s not bad for a retro car, how it is positioned designers. And, importantly, its performance is better than that of the same model 3 Tesla, so Nissan have a reason for legitimate pride.

In order not to risk the reputation and to have a real race, the cruising range of the prototype is limited only 20 minutes. This is enough to do a few laps around the track at top speed, but absolutely unsuitable for the actual conditions. And so do not expect from Nissan release new conceptual model, although the designers did not exclude that some elements of the prototype will find application in serial samples.