Ukrainian MPs keep their savings in bitcoins

Apparently, something you know


Electronic declarations three people’s deputies from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko has discovered savings in bitcoins in the hundreds of millions.

It is reported by the public movement “Chesno” in Facebook.

According to the electronic Declaration for 2016, MP Oleksandr Urbansky had 1277 units of bitcoins. As at 31 December 2016 the cost was 139 081 133 UAH. August 1 Urban bought 1217 units of bitcoins in the amount of 40 UAH 564 056.

Another Deputy Dmitry Golubov declared 4376 units of bitcoins. As at the date of acquisition on 22 November 2012, their cost was 402 088 UAH. Now they are estimated at 125 361 204 UAH.

According to the Declaration of 1 August, he bought another 4376 units in the amount of 32 804 684 UAH.

Deputy Dmitry Belotserkovets in 2013 acquired 398 bitcoins for 128 160 UAH.

We will remind, the NBU is going to determine the legal status of bitcoin in Ukraine.