Two residents of Washington managed to capture on video a mysterious huge dark object hovering directly above the headquarters of the Pentagon.

A video of a creepy pyramid on YouTube has been viewed over 50 thousand people, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to the “League news Russia”.

The noise which caused the video was shown on your YouTube channel Blake and Bret Cassy. Wednesday night, December 19, they removed the strange object which hovered directly over the headquarters of the defense Ministry in the County of Arlington to the U.S. capital.

“Pyramid – perhaps the size of a Giza pyramid is up there, and apparently they are lighter in weight air. It’s some kind of invasion? There’s something happening,” said one of the brothers. The guys in the video, judging by their voice, very excited about the strange object.

No one has found a convincing explanation that the pyramid was discovered by the guys from the Pentagon. Version of a certain light effect did not satisfy the conspiracy theorists.

“The darker shape of a pyramid is darker than the background sky – a shadow cannot be projected, which suggests that this object is real,” said one commenter. Many have found much in common in the pyramid with a stormtrooper from “Star wars.”

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that residents of Beijing have noticed an anomalous object in the evening sky.