For the last time were more likely to commit men pterodactyls, mermaids or dragons.

provides the “Russian conversation” reports “Диалог.UA”.

As reported recently
a pterodactyl has been spotted in Nicaragua. So, in the appearance of a mysterious creature
traced a direct resemblance to man, however, recorded
the creatures had wings.

Despite the fact
Internet users found this video not serious and fake, the movement
mythical creatures seem very real and genuine.

It is worth saying
the fact that the video is currently not attracted the attention of researchers who
do extraterrestrial civilizations. It is likely that no one
we can find evidence that the video is computer

Notably, several experts recalled the tradition in question on the
that people will begin to see absolutely foreign to me mentioned
in medieval manuscripts. It is likely that the locals have seen
a mythical humanoid creature.

We will remind, in Argentina
in the middle of the field have discovered a mysterious creature with human teeth.