Kimi Raikkonen. Photo: Reuters

Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen ahead of time rushed pit stop in the race and knocked mechanics, received a double fracture.

“SE” tells more about recalls and other scary episodes at the pit stop.


At the 36th lap , Raikkonen went for a second pit stop. But there was a hitch with the left rear wheel, which mechanics were unable to Unscrew. Finn showed the green light, and he jerked forward, knocking Francesco Cigarini, which is held in hand is the wheel that should have been put on the car.

Cigarini, received severe injuries – a fractured tibia and fibula bones of the left leg. Raikkonen stopped almost immediately after hearing the order of the boxes. In social networks Finn has called not Icy (nickname Kimi) and heartless. He left the car, in the hearts of leaving the steering wheel back to the cockpit, and went into the pits. According to fans, Kimi had to come up and ask what happened, as I could not see the medical team, rushed to the boxes Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel after the race said that the main thing – health of the employee, and everything else, even the victory, is not so important.


In 1981, on “Gran-at Belgium” the tragedy occurred. Mechanic team “Osella” Giovanni Amadeo suddenly fell to the pit lane. Call in on pit-stop Carlos Reutemann not have time to react, and his “Williams” ran a mechanic. He received a severe traumatic brain injury and three days later died in hospital.


In 1994-m to year “the Grand Prix of Germany” in Hockenheim was almost burned at the pit stop pilot Benetton Jos Verstappen, father of the current pilot of Red bull max Verstappen. Then in the “Formula-1” are back refueling. Mechanic Simon Morley in charge, to quickly insert and pull out the fuel hose, after pouring fuel sprayed all gasoline. Including Verstappen senior.

Fuel was engulfed in flames. Fired up the car together with the driver and wear on the mechanics. The flames extinguished quickly, so the serious consequences managed to be avoided. Verstappen suffered burns around the eyes, because opened the visor of the helmet during the pit stop. It has appeared, in “Benetton” has not installed the necessary filters on the hose.

The following year, the pilot of Benetton, johnny Herbert dragged through a pit lane mechanic Steve Matchett. He had not managed to release the handle of the Jack. In the process escaped serious injury.


Refueling in the “Formula 1” was eventually banned for security reasons, as incidents of fire in the pit were repeated regularly. One of the most memorable was a torn hose on “Gran-at Brazil” in 2009. In the “McLaren” too early released Heikki Kovalainen. He jerked forward with a hose, from which the spilled fuel. It just could not break out, and in the midst of the fire turned out to be Kimi Raikkonen. He’s on his Ferrari just finished refueling and was behind Kovalainen. No one was hurt, and Raikkonen even won in the race with sixth place.

In 2000, the year in Barcelona Michael Schumacher pulled into the race with a hose in the neck of the tank of his Ferrari and hit a mechanic Nigel Stepney, who received a fracture of the ankle.


On “Gran-at Italy”in 2010 the pilot of a command “Hispania racing” Sakon Yamamoto was shot down mechanics. The incident occurred during a pit stop. The mechanic leaned over the cockpit, deciding to fix issues with radio, but Yamamoto did not notice, and seeing the green light drove off. The mechanic got under the rear wheel, having a broken leg. The team was fined 20 thousand dollars for failure to comply with security measures.


In 2007, the Japanese Kazuki Nakajima, who replaced in the “Williams” Austrian Alexander Murza, on “Gran-at Brazil” injured two mechanics. After a collision at the start of the race, he was forced to call in for a pit stop, which was for 22-year-old driver’s first career. The Japanese miscalculated the speed and braked too late. Two mechanics were injured and were taken to the hospital.

In 2015 on the “Grand Prix Spain” pilot “Lotus” Romain Grosjean was also hit by two mechanics in rainy conditions, after failing to brake in time. In the same race reaction mechanics “the McLaren” has saved them from passed the braking point Fernando Alonso.


In 1994 the “Grand Prix of San Marino” on “Minardi” Michele Alboreto Unscrew right rear wheel, which with the speed of the projectile flashed through the pit lane. Injuries then received two mechanics “Ferrari” and “Lotus”. This incident accelerated the introduction of speed limits in the pit lane.

But a similar situation with otkrytivaya wheels still recur. In 2013, the mechanics didn’t fix the wheel on “Red bull” Mark Webber, and it hit exactly in the video operator Paul Allen. He was in the hospital with cracked ribs and a broken collarbone.

Andrew SHETIHIN, Sport-Express