To tell about the most important life advice, highlighting the most important, would be to the man who has seen life and has faced many challenges and rhetorical questions.

Useful tips shared a woman 90 years old: she told the girls about the wise lessons for life.

We offer you a list of wise advice from 90-year-old woman:

1. Always remember that life is a gift.

2. Every woman should be able to give.

3. Do not forget that every day is special, so it’s best to wear your most beautiful and expensive lingerie, light the candles, pleased with this loved one. Don’t wait for a special occasion, so act now!

4. You can be happy at any age: it all depends on you.

5. Despite belonging to the weaker sex, always be strong.

6. Quickly get rid of useless things that just lie there and collect dust.

7. Do not be lazy to believe in miracles: they happen once every.

8. If you want to cry, it is better to do it with someone than alone.

9. In any case, do not envy and do not compare yourself with others.

10. Do not let your past spoil the present and the future.

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