Car race “24 hours Le-Mana” is the oldest in the world, it is held annually in France since 1923. However, unlike almost everyone cancelled because of the pandemic, the largest international sporting events “24 hours of Le Mans” will take place – albeit in a virtual format.

The original race (88-th one) has been postponed to 19-20 September, but soon everything was back to normal, and organizers announced that “24 hours of Le Mans” will be held as usual on 13 June.

In the new format of the race each of the 50 competing teams will include two professional pilots and two competitive players, and compete they will be in space game rFactor 2. It is also intended to include multiCLASS racing with the participation of the Le Mans Prototypes prototype 2 (LMP2) and Grand Touring Endurance (GTE). The races will include a maximum of 50 cars.

As in the present, in the virtual race, the main criterion of success is endurance – every racer needs to stay on track, at least 4 hours. Like all major racing – F1, NASCAR and motorcycle races – virtual races will be broadcast worldwide live with the participation of commentators and in the presence of reporters.

The race will be held in France on 13 June at 15:00 hours local time.

Source — Autoblog