50 sailors caught COVID-19 on the French aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”

Ministère des Armées / Facebook

On Board the aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” French Navy for 50 sailors probably contracted the coronavirus, the Ministry said the armed forces of France, reports “Interfax” with reference to the newspaper Le Figaro. Now the carrier is returned to the port of Toulon.

The three crew members taken off the Board and “for reasons of precaution” were taken by air to Toulon, although none of the patients condition is not reached severe.

Journalists clarify that the testing for coronavirus was conducted on April 8, just checked 66.

Then it became known that the carrier ahead of time will complete the mission and has popped up in the port. Last “Charles de Gaulle” was docked on 15 March in Brest, on the Western tip of Brittany. Since then, no one aboard the aircraft carrier was not raised.

At first it was the manifestation of the symptoms of this viral disease, however, then 66 sailors were tested and 50 were confirmed infected.

On Board are 1200 sailors and 560 representatives of headquarters and the aviation group, only 1760 people. These include 20 doctors, in possession of the premises for hospitalization of 12 beds, ventilators and scanner. In the bow there is an isolated area with Seating for 127 people. Put there infected sailors.

In the isolation zone is in negative pressure. This method does not allow air to rush into the other rooms of the ship.

“Charles de Gaulle” out from their base on 21 January and headed to the Mediterranean, where he participated in the fighting against the Islamists fighting in Iraq and Syria. At the time of the appearance of anxiety symptoms in the members of the team, he was in the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Initially, his return to the port of Toulon was scheduled for April 23.

Earlier it became known about the outbreak of coronavirus aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” U.S. Navy.