25 unusual sculptures, which you may not have known

06.09.2018 16:54

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To paraphrase a German art theorist Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, one can say that the sculpture is music, frozen in stone. While millions of tourists are photographed against the backdrop of world-famous masterpieces by Bernini, Michelangelo and Rodin, we offer you a collection of 25 less known, but noteworthy stone, bronze and steel sculptures.

Funny and cute, sometimes strange and frightening, they cheer up passers-by and make the city, which are a little unusual.

1. Mustangs of Las COLINAS in Irving (Texas, USA)

This is one of the greatest sculptural groups of horses in the world. It symbolizes dynamism and unfettered spirit, which were inherent in Texas during the period of its development.

2. Disclosure (Expansion), new York, USA

The author comments on the sculpture: “From the moment of our birth, the world offers us a ready-made shell into which we must fit: social security number, gender, race, profession. I thought, what we really are — this outer shell in which we live, or what it is inside each of us? We know yourself if you go beyond our bodies?”

3. The monument to the unknown passer-by, Wroclaw, Poland

Sculpture symbolizes the suppression of the individual in the days of communism and the underground anti-Communist activities of the poles in the 1980-ies.

4. Salmon, Portland, USA

Portland is a major port city, and this fish attracts visitors to one of his most famous restaurants.

5. People on the river, Singapore

The author of this song Chong FAH Cheong (Chong Fah Cheong) is known for its large number of sculptures depicting people who live and work on the banks of the Singapore river.