14 incredible works from the contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

06.09.2018 16:50

A rating of 9.7

54 year marked the contest, which is attended by photographers of wildlife (Wildlife Photographer of the Year). The winners this year will be announced on 16 October, and the audience the opportunity to look at the short list with the best photos of wildlife this year. From the 100 finalists selected 14 frames, competing for prizes. The mysteries of underwater life, the grace of the big cats and the amusement of young animals – in the work of the future winners lies all the charm of wildlife, it is sometimes shocking kinds and colors.

“Eye to eye”. Author: Emanuele Biggie, Italy

“Simple beauty”. Author: Teo Bosboom, Netherlands

“Fight kittens.” Author: Julius Kramer, Germany

“Innovator”. Author: Christian Appl, Austria

“Chilled cat”. Author: Isak Pretorius, South Africa