Zinedine Zidane. Photo: Reuters

It is believed that French coach can lead the Qatar national team and earn 200 million euros in four years.

Unexpected departure of Zinedine Zidane from his post as head coach of real Madrid, of course, has generated a lot of rumors and speculation. They mainly relate to the name of the successor of the Frenchman at the Madrid office, but on Friday afternoon thundered the news from Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris, who tweeted that Zidane will lead the national team of Qatar and will begin to prepare her for the 2022 world Cup.

According to Sawiris, the salary of the former coach of real Madrid will be 50 million euros per year, and the contract will last for four years. Your message Sawiris ended question: “Money talks?” Let’s deal.


If we leave out all the source data that are not trustworthy is an Egyptian businessman tweet – that one fact from the past Zidane gives reason to think that its cooperation with Qatar – a very real possibility. In September 2010, the Frenchman was chosen as the envoy of the Qatari bid to host the 2022 world Cup. In her presentation to FIFA in Doha Zidane said: “Football is for everyone on this planet. This year the Championships were held in Africa, now it’s time for the Middle East”.

In December 2010, the application of Qatar won. In an interview with FIFA Zidane that day said that with his task he handled, and no more obligations to the football Federation of Qatar he does not: “Will I be part of the project in the future? Let’s see what will offer me the future. Now I’m enjoying the moment and happy to be in the winning team”.

A few months Zidane in an interview with L’equipe admitted that received an impressive fee for his help: “can Not give a specific amount because of agreements with the Qatari Federation. Newspapers put the number at 10, 11, 12 million euros… will Tell you so – I was paid mad money, it’s not even a fourth of what is mentioned in the press. All that will go to charity projects who oversees my Foundation. All that will go to charity projects who oversees my Foundation. And not for the money I decided to work with them. I was in debt to these people, because at the time, refused to finish his career in Qatar, although I was offered to write the fee in the contract. So I wanted one to help them, which I did.”

Why would Zidane now, almost eight years later, not to help Qatar again? Especially when we are talking about 200 million euros in four years.


Unfortunately, accurate data on coaching salaries in the Qatari national team could not be found. However, Uruguayans josé Daniel carreño and Jorge Fossati, each of which worked in Qatar for a year in the period from 2015 to 2017 (from Fossati to this was another annual trip in the season-2007/08), at different times told me that certainly one of the reasons to embark on a doubtful adventure and train in the desert – the sky-high fees. Exactly they don’t get as much as the Egyptian businessman has predicted Zidane, but, on the other hand, Qatar has never had a coach with this loud and sonorous name, like the French. On his salary, the local masters of life do not skimp.

Currently the host of the next world Cup is coached by Spaniard Felix Sanchez Bas. He had ten years working in Qatar with national teams of different ages (U-19, U-20, U-23), and last year he was entrusted to lead the main team. His coaching staff came in, including Xavi Hernandez, a former midfielder and the legend “Barcelona”, which has just finished the third season in the local “al Sadda”, according to the player – the last in his career.


Another possible option in his coaching career Zidane seen the French team. With this idea the day before announced himself as the acting coach of “Blue” Didier Deschamps. “I don’t know that Zidane decided for themselves. I think now he wants to relax, spend time with family and friends, to gain strength. Once he is trained in France. When? I can not say, but it seems logical to me. It will happen – sooner or later,” said Deschamps at a press conference before a friendly match against the Italians.

If to speak about club football, it is important to take into account the words of Zidane, said at yesterday’s meeting with reporters where he announced his departure from real Madrid: “I’m not tired to train, but next season is not going to work with another team.” In case he changes his mind over the summer, the European media discusses the number of teams with unstable coaching position: English The Sun is aggressively wooing Zidane for Chelsea to replace Antonio Conte, and the Italian La Gazzetta dello Sport mentions that “Juventus” in General, would not mind to return to Turin, his former player, but in a new role. As shown by the example of “real”, such a return can be more than triumphant.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express