KIEV. August 23. UNN. “Studio Quarter-95” has presented the new season of “Servants of the people”, which reminded of the current politicians and civil servants that they hold a senior place only thanks to the dedication of the victims on the Maidan Ukrainians and those who died for the independence of the state. It is reported by UNN with reference to the YouTube channel of the series.

Thus, in the present trailer, the President of Ukraine Vasily Goloborod’ko, the role of which performs Vladimir Zelensky, congratulates civil servants of the Independence Day of Ukraine and gives it a memorable watch.

The trailer, not just a fragment of the film, but an independent movie with a plot. At some point one of the awarded “servant of the people” considered his award and said loudly, “time registered, and it says some Michael, and I’m Sergei”. Other awardees, also said that their “personal gifts” were mixed up.

For its part, the hero Zelensky explained that it did not state that the clock will be the names of the winners — “the names of very different people”, which government officials have to remember. Awarded for his part, was surprised that I should remember the people whose names are engraved on the clock.

“On these watches are the names of the men who died on the Maidan. The names of those whose time in the struggle for the independence of our country has stopped forever. I would love to see you each time, passing laws, or letting the bandits secured, taking or giving bribes, or juggling with tariffs, looked at the clock and remembered — because of who you are here. Why you’re here. And for how long?” — said the hero Zelensky.

Earlier, the showman and TV presenter Vladimir Zelensky hinted at the participation in the presidential race.

We will add, according to the poll of the sociological group “Rating”, “new” candidates — Vladimir Zelensky and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk — support for 9.3 and 8.6%, respectively. The five leaders of the presidential preferences of Ukrainians also includes Anatoly Gritsenko (11.7%) and Yuriy Boyko (10,5%). The current President, and Oleg Lyashko, has 8.6% of the support and takes the seventh place.

As reported by UNN, in December 2017 in Ukraine were registered political party “servant of the people”. The series is published on the Ukrainian TV from November 2015.