His appeal-a challenge to the debate, Zelensky recorded 3 APR. He said he was ready to meet with Poroshenko, however, immediately began to dictate terms.

For two days the presidential candidate Zelensky has not just changed the “strategy”. But he was the first to hint that both candidates must pass a medical examination. And tests, thus proving that among aspiring for the highest office, no alcoholics or drug addicts. By law, the debate will be held two days before the second round of elections (April 21 – ed), that is, on 19 April, reports “Диалог.UA”.

As you know, Poroshenko is worthy of taking the offer Zelensky agreeing to “play by his rules.” However, after day Zelensky refuses to undergo an examination in the infirmary NSK and his team have hinted that there may be manipulation of results.