A fervent advocate of “ze” millionaire Andrei Palchevsky owns a diagnostic center Eurolab on Solomenska street in Kiev.

Became known why Vladimir Zelensky, called Petro Poroshenko to be tested for alcohol and drugs, do not want to trust this question to the doctors of the NSC “Olympic”, where there will be a debate between the leaders of the presidential race. Reports about it “Диалог.UA”.

According to data released by the portal sprotiv.org, Zelensky chose Eurolab as an “independent laboratory”, the results of which is ready to believe. The owner of this business is its close associate Andrei Palchevsky.

“Tomorrow at 8 am we invite our opponent, and all of you. This is an independent lab where you can get tested and no one will have issues,” – said the Advisor of the candidate Dmitry Razumkov at a briefing held in the Ukrainian capital. The Razumkov explained why the candidates didn’t have to undergo this procedure on the territory of the stadium, he referred to the cordon and a large number of people at Olympic stadium.

Meanwhile, Zelensky denied a desire to see the moderator at the debate Yulia Tymoshenko, became known, who from journalists will be leading during the discussion opponents.