KHARKOV-KIEV. March 12. UNN. The suspect in the Commission of a fatal accident in Kharkov, Elena Zaitseva, said that the day of the accident I felt fine. About it she announced this during a meeting of the Kyivsky district court of Kharkiv, which continued today to hear the case on the resonance of the accident, the correspondent of UNN.

“Drugs have never tried it, because due to injury 10 years ago I am very cautious about all medicines. The day before the accident, I took the evening pill up Pentalgin, because I had a very severe headache. The day of the accident I felt fine,” — said E. Zaitseva.

In addition, she was unable to say how fast I moved her car at the time of the accident.

“I moved about 80 km/hour, but the collision can’t say what the speed was at the moment of collision,” — said E. Zaitseva.

According to her, while driving her car, she saw that lit up the warning light and the car will not be able to stop.

“I realized that will not have time to stop and continued to drive without reducing speed. I saw that at the intersection there are cars. When I got the fire started yellow — started to move VW. He started to move, I asked beep and held it until the collision. Volkswagen started to move,” said E. Zaitseva.

She added that he fully admits his guilt, and, “tried to do everything to prevent a collision”.

“I also want to say a few words about the claims: I acknowledge all claims, unfortunately, now I am in jail and can’t do anything. But I immediately asked the parents to apologize and somehow helped the victim. Unfortunately, the aid took not all. I want to say that when I can start serving your punishment, I’ll be sure to try as best I can and what I can to help the victims. I plead guilty and ready to suffer any punishment,” — concluded E. Zaytseva.

As reported UNN, during the last meeting, testimony was given by the passenger of the Lexus and the girlfriend of the suspect in a deadly accident on Sumskaya in Kharkov Marina Kovaleva.

We will remind, on October 18 last year, in Kharkov, at the intersection of streets Sumy and Mehanikova of a bloody accident in which it killed 5 people, another girl from his injuries, a week died in the hospital.